Abbey manufacturers a wide range of agricultural machines which include slurry and manure handling equipment, grassland management equipment and a range of animal feeding equipment.

Abbey slurry and manure handling equipment includes a range of vacuum slurry tankers from 4,000litre – 20,000litre capacity which can be supplied with a choice of application systems i.e. Splash Plate, Trailing Hose, Trailing Shoe, Cereal Applicator and Injection.

Abbey Feeding Equipment offers a choice of both Paddle Mixer and Vertical Mixer system with capacities from 7m³ – 30m³ and a range of models to suit every application.

Abbey Toppers are ideal for paddock topping or weed control keeping pasture fresh and meeting all the requirements of cutting and maintenance.

We can provide our customers with a wide range of Abbey products contact us now for details about their full range.

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