Trioliet Management Team

Management Team, f.l.t.r. Gert Stam, Hans Pleijte, Kees Liet, Robert Liet, Harry Kleverkamp, Edwin Lentfert and Martin Wigger

Unique, complete range of products

Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding machines for dairy farms. All of our machines are geared toward helping the modern livestock farmer manage a farm efficiently. Designing new solutions and developing existing technologies are our highest priorities. We are confident that we can provide a suitable mechanical or automatic feeding solution for 80% of all beef and dairy farms worldwide.

In short, Trioliet offers a highly comprehensive and specialist range of livestock feeding machines, such as silage cutters, diet feeders, self-loading or self-propelled mixer feeders and complete automatic feeding systems.

Family company

Trioliet is a genuine family-owned company. Brothers Max, Fred and Kees (trio) Liet founded their company in Purmerend in 1950 and named it Trioliet. Following the acquisition of Mullos, the trading name of the company was changed to Trioliet Mullos. In 2007, the position of Director was assumed by Robert Liet, the son of one of the founders.

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